How To Do The Braided Hair Ideas Look More Beautiful?

The ​​braid hair ideas lately have always been an inspiration for most women. Many women have started to like the look of an amazing braid hairstyle. Even now, braids are the inspiration to create a charming yet simple hairstyle. Especially for women who don’t want their hair to be messy.

Braid hair ideas for teens
Braid hair ideas for teens from columbushaircuts

Braids are the oldest hairstyles in the world. In fact, this hairstyle was first discovered in 3500 BC. In every country and every era, braid hairstyles have their own symbols and meanings. Many women also use braid hairstyles on their hair. In his day, the braided hairstyle was seen as a symbol of beauty and wealth. While in Africa, the style of braids determines a person’s social status in the eyes of society.

Braiding hair can be an alternative style so that the appearance is not boring. Various kinds of hair braid tutorials can also be easily found on the internet. Several hairstyles, such as the waterfall braid, fishtail braid, and french braid have become a trend. Even so, everyone can braid hair to make it look neat and beautiful.

Well, through this article the author will provide some easy steps for making braids that are suitable for long or short hair.

How to Braid Short Hair With Double Braids

We don’t have to have long hair first if we want to style it with a braided model. Short hair can be braided, as long as the length is still sufficient. At least to the neck or shoulders. How to braid short shoulder-length hair easily?

  1. Part the middle of the hair with a comb, then after that comb the hair to both sides.
  2. Take a handful of hair from the right, then pin it. Then take the hair from the left with the same thickness and pin it.
  3. Release the hair on the right that has been pinned earlier, then divide it into three equal parts. From there, just start braiding from the part of the hair towards the back of the ear.
  4. Cross the right section to the center, so that the middle turns into the right. Then cross the left section to the center, so that the center turns to the left. Keep crossing it until the braid is near the ends of your hair. Leave a little at the end, then tie it with a hair elastic. Pinch the braid so that it attaches to the side of the head.
    Release the hair on the left that has been pinned earlier, then braid it in the same way as the hair on the right.
  5. Finally, pinch the braid behind the ear so that it sticks to the scalp.

That’s how to braid short, shoulder-length hair with a classic double braid. When you’re done, the braid will look like a headband that frames both sides of your head from the middle part of your hair to behind your ears.

How to Braid Long Hair

Long hair can be styled in a variety of braid styles. Most often with classic braids or french braids. It is also known as a patch centipede. How to braid long hair in french braids style? Here’s a tutorial on how to braid long hair in the style of french braids, French braids, or centipede sticks.

  1. Gather some hair from the center of the top of the head. Don’t pick up too much and try to get the hair that collects to grow from a parallel hairline for a neat look.
  2. Divide the collected hair into three sections with the same thickness. Hold two strands of hair in one hand, and the third strand of hair in the other.
  3. Start making a classic braid from the very top and center of your head, just above your forehead. Cross left to center, right to center, and repeat until you’ve made several rows of regular braids.
  4. Add some more hair and braid up to a few rows. Add more hair, then braid again for a few rows. And so on until the braid is no longer attached to the scalp.
  5. The rest finish with a regular braid until it is close to the ends of the hair. Tie it with a hairband so it doesn’t come off easily.

Hopefully it can be an inspiration for you.

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