7 Tips Easy Women Shoe Ideas For Daily Wear or Hangouts

Good and comfortable women shoe ideas can support your appearance every day even when you are hanging out with your friends. In fact, it is not uncommon for many women to have a large collection of shoes in the house just to pamper their appearance so that they become more attractive to other people who see it.

Women shoe ideas for daily wear
Women shoe ideas for daily wear from womendailymagazine

Choosing shoes, of course, should not be arbitrary for women. Casual shoes are shoes that can make women feel comfortable in any condition and anywhere. Besides being able to be used when working outside the office, these shoes can also be used when traveling with your loved ones at home. The existence of shoes seems no less important than other accessories that many women often use.

You can adjust the various ideas for getting comfortable casual shoes below according to a carefully designed agenda. Should a meeting with a formal style, it seems heels can be a wise choice. Or casual meeting wearing sneakers? Or will today be busy pacing? What office shoes are right? Therefore, the author will provide some ideas and tips for choosing shoes for you to use every day comfortably and at ease. Because we know, women’s outfits is very broad, from head to toe. Shoes are one of the fashion items that also need to be considered in order to look perfect. So don’t waste this opportunity.

Tips Easy Women Shoe Ideas For Daily Wear or Hangouts

There are many types of shoes that are suitable for women. Starting from the type of sneakers, sneakers, and others. Know your foot type, also the right size. So that in addition to being more beautiful, it also makes you comfortable to use it all day long. Sneakers, for example, come in many colors that you can choose according to your character and comfort.

Shoes must fit perfectly

Even if you want to follow fashion trends, don’t sacrifice the comfort of your feet. Measure your feet first so that the shoes you use can really fit your feet. Make sure the shoe size you choose is right, not too loose nor too narrow. Because comfort is the most important thing in choosing a product. Shoes that fit on your feet will provide a solid footing, minimize slips or injuries, and are comfortable when stepping.

In addition, the way to ensure the correct size is to measure the size of the sole of your foot correctly. Then, you can pay attention to the selected shoes, adjusted to the size you have measured earlier.

Use canvas or suede material will be very suitable

For a smart-casual look, or a neat casual look, brogue and loafer shoes can be the right choice to support your style. It is recommended that you choose shoes that are made of suede for durability. Choose a beige color so you can match it with the various types of clothes you wear. For a casual look, you can choose converse shoes or sneakers. You can consider canvas material to make it easier to clean shoes.

Soft sole

Choose shoes with thick soles, so as to minimize vibration when walking. Apart from protecting your feet and being good for your health, thick soles are also comfortable on your feet. The right combination is a hard sole with soft cushioning. You can choose a rubber sole material to protect your feet from injury. You can also choose a thicker sole, with a softer insole. Because, in addition to making your feet more protected, it also minimizes slips or falls.

Choose the design and type of shoes

If you plan to wear walking shoes to go to the office every day, you need to choose shoes whose design is suitable for use in the office. Comfort, when used for long hours, is indeed important, but you also need to choose a product with the right design. There are also many street shoes whose designs are not too sporty and at first glance look like ordinary shoes, you can use these shoes to go to the office every day.

Choose according to your dress style

When buying shoes, of course, you need to try them. However, it will be even more optimal if you adjust the shoes to your dress style and time of use. Please note that in the afternoon your foot size will be larger than your foot size in morning. Therefore, you need to check your shoe size and adjust it to the socks you will be wearing while walking and when to wear them.

Depending on the time of day, the size of your foot and the thickness of the socks you wear will also affect the size of the shoe you choose. This makes the shoe size you have chosen may not feel right. Therefore, you can try walking with it complete with the socks you will wear, and the time you want to wear them.

Adjust to your body shape

Has your self-confidence decreased because you have a body shape that is not what you want? Relax, by wearing shoes that fit your body shape, you can distract others. Know your body and the shape of your feet, it will be easy to find shoes that make you more confident.

Choose the right shoe model

You can combine some casual shoes with shirts and long sleeves for a casual look. Bottoms that can be combined are jeans. Even though it’s casual, you still have to look elegant and graceful.

#1 Mid-heel pump

Using shoes with heels about 4-6cm high and thick material, suitable for those of you who are active outside the office. It doesn’t make you sore, you must have a mid heels model! This shoe model is suitable for you to use in more formal events, but even if you are relaxed, these shoes are suitable for you to use.

#2 Sneakers

If your office culture is relaxed and allows employees to look free, sneakers are an option to make your activities more comfortable. In addition to providing a comfortable effect on the soles of the feet, your outfit will still look fashionable. This type is very comfortable to use when doing leisure activities. These shoes can also give a feminine impression if you add a motif or pattern with beautiful nude colors.

#3 Reebok Run Supreme

You can get a mix of cool, sporty, and casual styles by using these shoes. Plus, like other sports shoes, you can be more secure when moving in these shoes. Reebok also embeds a number of technologies that can make your feet comfortable, anti-slip also minimizes the possibility of injury to your feet.

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