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Best 15 Beautiful Winter Soft Makeup That Can You Inspirations

Winter Soft Makeup

Winter Soft Makeup is the best idea that is also a reflection of tenderness for the bride and groom. This idea can be used as an option for brides who tend to be calm, prefer soft colors, and are less confident with bold makeup, but don’t want to look too ordinary, this soft makeup option can be used as your …

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22+ Extraordinary Snowflake Shaped Wedding Ring Ideas What You Can Inspire

Snowflake Shaped Wedding Ring

Snowflake Shaped Wedding Ring is one of the preparations that you can try. Snowflakes themselves are known as single ice crystals or collections of ice crystals that fall from the Earth’s atmosphere. These snowflakes have various sizes and shapes. Snowflakes are white even though they are made of pure ice. This is due to the diffuse reflection of the entire …

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15+ Yummy One-bite Winter Wedding Appetizer Inspirations That Can You Try

One-bite Winter Wedding Appetizer

One-bite Winter Wedding Appetizer is food or drink served in small portions or enough for one bite or bite that is useful for appetizing. This dish is also known as an appetizer before the main course. The appetizer itself serves to stimulate the tastes of the guests at the wedding before the main course is enjoyed. An appetizer at a …

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Top 20 Winter Color Palettes That You Can Inspire For Your Wedding Theme

Winter Color Palettes

Winter Color Palettes are a series of colors that you can use as inspiration for the wedding you are holding in winter. Winter weddings are generally synonymous with snow-related themes and are never far from white. You can also achieve the impression of winter at your wedding using color tones that tend to be neutral. Not that it will be …

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18 Extraordinary Wedding Couple Photoshoots with Snowy Scenery Background

Wedding Couple Photoshoots with Snowy Scenery Background

Wedding Couple Photoshoots with Snowy Scenery Background seems like an amazing idea that you won’t want to miss. Wedding Photoshoots seem to have become an obligation for couples who want to get married. Pre-wedding photos or Wedding Photoshoots, also known as engagement photos, are photo shoots that are taken three to six months before the wedding day. Although pre-wedding photoshoots …

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